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ViviLu Productions
San Francisco, CA
I would love to talk with others about finding representation and producers for my two contemporary coming-of-age dance dramas, FIREBIRD and BUZZ. I have an MFA in Fiction but have found that screenwriting is the best medium for many of my stories as they tend to be very visual. Having studied dance for ten years and as a longtime devotee of the dance movie genre, I wrote FIREBIRD and BUZZ to showcase young, gifted and bold female dancers who use their art not just as spectacle – though there is plenty of that – but to tell a story-with a-story: the Firebird Ballet and the myth of Persephone, respectively. Casting should be diverse and exhilarating! I’m a dual American-French citizen, and also a citizen of the Cherokee Nation -- FIREBIRD is set in the Cherokee Nation, OK and the Camargue, South of France (the cowboy heart of France); I hope to find U.S., Canadian and French/European producers. It is also an homage to the first American prima ballerina, Maria Tallchief, who found fame in France dancing The Firebird ballet, choreographed by her husband, George Balanchine. The Indigenous fusion choreography was inspired by Rulan Tangen of the award-winning Dancing Earth. The screenplay has won several prizes, is endorsed by the Cherokee Nation, and has Montreal director Michel Poulette attached. STRICTLY BALLROOM meets THE BALLETS RUSSES meets something we have never yet seen on the screen!
BUZZ, set in San Francisco, is about a young beekeeping dancer who pursues love and the limelight with her punk diva pal while a serial killer pursues them -- to his own death: THELMA AND LOUISA meet the ZODIAC.
Other ideas I’d love to discuss and collaborate on: JUNE ROSE, a TV series concept about a mixed-blood Anglo-Cherokee woman who pulls her mostly unwilling family along with her on her journey from 1960s suburban housewife to early ‘70s feminist and social justice activist. A biopic of Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly. A fictional drama about a Louisa May Alcott we have not seen before. A TV series about an ex-nun whose in vitro baby is now a rebellious teenager who, through her rock music school, introduces her mother to the one man she hoped never to meet: the father of her daughter.
Thank you for reading, and I look forward to meeting you!

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